Thursday, May 14, 2015

Using benchmarks to understand how WSGI servers work.

Possibly unwisely, as I am not sure I feel motivated enough to do the topic justice at this time nor whether I can definitely attend the conference, but I have submitted a talk proposal for PyCon AU to be held at the start of August. The topic of the talk is 'Using benchmarks to understand how WSGI servers work'. To read more about the intended topic you can read the text of the proposal here.

If you read the proposal you will see that it has the potential to be a quite complex topic and there is no way I will be able to sufficiently cover it within the allotted time. In other words, it is typical of the sort of talks I have done in the past where to fully appreciate what was presented you have to watch the talk multiple times.

Since I cop a fair bit a criticism that my talks are too packed with information and due to favourable feedback I got on my series of posts about decorators (which were done after I presented the talk which covered the topic), I am going to try something a bit different for this talk.

What I am going to do this time is that as I research and prepare for the talk, I am going to present a series of blog posts related to the topic. As to the actual talk, it will then attempt to be a dumbed down more sedate affair which focuses on some key take aways from what I ended up covering in the blog posts. For those who then want more detail they can go back and refer to the blog posts.

Now although I have two months to prepare the talk, the possible complexity of the topic means I can't delay, so I will start pumping out posts pretty soon. I have a rough idea of what sort of topics I want to post about, with the first one being about how one actually goes about measuring application response times for a Python web application. Even so I am certainly open to suggestions of topics related to the subject that people out there want to hear about. So if you do have your own suggestions, or want to see me expound further on specific topics I post about, please let me know as things progress.

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