Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Going To Singapore PyCon.

It is still a bit over 2 months away, but have organised myself a holiday for Singapore the second week of June. This just so happens to coincide with the PyCon conference being held in Singapore this year. So, as well as getting some shopping done with the family and eating all the great Singapore food, I intend to drop in on the conference talks and also maybe the tutorials. I will be in Singapore for the whole week, so if anyone is interested to meetup and talk about mod_wsgi related stuff, let me know.


Steve said...

Make sure to get in touch!

Mark Mc Mahon said...

Unless anything major happens - I will be there too. I have lived in Singapore since September. But not sure I know enough to show anybody around :) Looking forward to a big pythonista meeting. And meeting such luminaries as yourself and Steve!

Graham Dumpleton said...

Mark, maybe I should show you around then. ;-)

I have been there enough times to know all the tunnels and arcades under Orchard Road very well, plus other areas of Singapore. Since has been a while since last visit though, the redevelopment on top of Orchard Road MRT and the old Phoenix hotel site up next to Somerset MRT where always used to stay should be well and truly finished, so will have to learn what is new in those areas.

One thing will want to know though is who out of Singtel, Starhub and M1 do a good cheap prepaid SIM for a short period like one week. Don't need to be making much calls, just to keep contact with my better half while there. The SingTel Prepaid Mobile hi!Card looks okay but haven't looked at others.

Jerry Ji said...

Last year when I just arrived, I did a quick comparison and picked StarHub prepaid, their international calls are considerably cheaper than the other two.

Make sure to drink lots of water everyday :)

Graham Dumpleton said...

Jerry, the first day in Singapore, if I have only flown into that region that day as opposed to coming in by plane/bus/car from Malaysia where already been a while, I am always stuffed. The combination of the heat and jet lag can suck pretty bad and yes drinking lots of water helps.

After that I quite enjoy the heat. I actually dislike the colder climates so Singapore and KL weather suits me really well. I actually find the air con in the shopping malls to be a pain and sometimes have to carry around a warmer top to put on so don't get too cold. :-)

Whenever we have been there in past we always tied phones to Starhub rather than let them roam to any carrier as Starhub allowed for ringing another international mobile at local call rates provided it was also in Singapore. So, no complaints about Starhub.