Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Resistance is futile.

I have finally given in and let myself be absorbed into the Google consciousness by getting a gmail and blogger account. I have held out from doing this for a very long time, but as they say, 'resistance is futile'. About the only thing I probably still need is a Google version of a wiki to replace MoinMoin and the mind meld will be complete. I guess I will have to wait though to see what comes out of Google's acquisition of JotSpot.

My intention with the blog is to use it to post about technical topics. In the main this will be about such areas as Python, WSGI and mod_python, as well as my work on personal projects such as mod_wsgi, OSE and makeit. Hopefully the ability to easily post up small bits of information at a time will not just be another excuse to get the real documentation on my own projects finished. :-)

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